Wicker Man Studios News, December 3rd, 2008

December 3rd, 2008

New articles up in the writing section of this site…

Since I didn’t update this area last week as such because of Thanksgiving, I have tried to give you a little extra this week. Barb has THREE new DVD reviews, namely the original ALFIE with Michael Caine, the tale of fame that is ALL ABOUT EVE, and the Barb-tastic ALL THAT JAZZ.  I, on the other hand, felt like it would be unwise to give you more than one article from me, but I tried to pick a particularly long one: my article about THE SCIENCE OF THE FLASH. You will believe a man can run really fast. Or maybe you won’t.


I also have done some stuff this week like interview writer and adapter Gerard Jones, which is at my usual column as well as at Mangalife. It’s the same interview, but the introductions are slightly different, and the titles are two different titles, leading to an End-of-a-Bullwinkle-episode-like effect. Over at MangaLife, I’ve also written some reviews: volume 20 of the soccer manga WHISTLE!, volume three of DORORO, and the movie based on said manga as well. Enjoy.



There you go. Scroll down just a tad for my MangaLife stuff.


Oh also Steven is back doing Orcusville, this time giving just a teensy bit of idea-man help to new writer Ryan Speck, and then Speck is also doing the visuals himself at this time too.

You know where to find it.

Oh god you’re lazy. Must I do everything for you?


There. I hope you’re happy now.


So anyway remember how there was gonna be an announcement about the next GSG story and exactly how it will become available to your computing device? Well, we got it all ready this week. But then Secret Facilitator Man said “But there’s a minimum fee that needs to be charged,” and so we had to have another meeting about how to give You, the reader, the most bang for your buck. But now we’ve worked that out and Ryan is surely even now preparing the new file, so stay tuned for news of this next time, in the news posting we must call






November 21st, 2008

Have you read the post right before this one? If not, scroll down and read it first.

Done? Okay, in case you refuse to do that, this is going to be about NORA, a manga from VIZ MEDIA that Barbara and I rewrite/adapt. Okay, now that that’s clear, work with me here…




New Releases Offer A Variety Of Intriguing Fantasy/Action Adventure Tales As Well As New Shojo Titles With A Twist

From Internationally Acclaimed Creators


San Francisco, CA, NOVEMBER 21, 2008 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry’s most innovative and comprehensive publishing, animation and licensing companies, has announced several eagerly awaited new manga series scheduled for release throughout the Fourth Quarter of 2008.


Seven new series are set to debut, beginning this month, and feature a variety of captivating stories designed to appeal to Teen and Older Teen readers. The new series include BLANK SLATE, NORA: THE LAST CHRONICLE OF DEVILDOM, SOLANIN, CAPTIVE HEARTS, GABA KAWA, WE WERE THERE and ST.  DRAGON GIRL.


We are looking forward to bringing a diverse range of titles in Q4 which will range from slice-of-life stories to romance and more!” says Evelyn Dubocq, Sr. Director of Public Relations, VIZ Media. “As the 2008 holiday season approaches, manga fans will have multiple strong VIZ Media releases to choose from in every genre.”


Blah blah blah… wait for it…


NORA: THE LAST CHRONICLE OF DEVILDOM · Rated “T+” for Older Teens · MSRP: $7.99 US / $9.50 CAN · Available Now!

Nora, an unruly demon, has defied his Dark Liege one too many times. For the sake of his “education,” Nora is sent to live among mortals and enters a bond of servitude with cool-as-ice star student Kazuma Makkari. But this relationship is destined to become a match made in Hell. Kazuma now must learn the ways of the underworld while Nora discovers more about the “real world” than he ever thought possible. When the seal for Nora’s form is released he becomes Cerberus, the vicious dog of disaster. But Nora can only use magic when Kazuma grants him permission, and he doesn’t grant it easily. The Dark Liege wants the pair to team up and crack down on renegade demon factions in the human world, but first they must find a way to get along. NORA: THE LAST CHRONICLE OF DEVILDOM is Kazunari Kakei’s first manga series and originally debuted in Japan’s Monthly Shonen Jump magazine. Blending the conceptual appeal of supernatural cliffhangers like DEATH NOTE with the aesthetic design elements of manga series like FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST, the series will appeal to fans of character-based, supernatural genre franchises likeHellblazer and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In Japan, the popularity of NORA: THE LAST CHRONICLE OF DEVILDOM eventually spawned a second series called SUREBREC: NORA the 2nd, which also premiered in Monthly Shonen Jump.



Sure, okay, go with that.

But I’m telling you, none of that prepares you for the dog jokes. I wanna talk to the person who thinks that Hellblazer has a bigger readership than the audience for amusing, canine-based humor.

Okay, okay, Death Note, Buffy, FMA, got it. Sure. I would have mentioned those too.

But… I think it’s a bit more like Naruto… FullMetal Alchemist is probably closest, of the four… followed by Buffy I suppose…

…Followed by Hellblazer, honestly, before we hit Death Note, really.

This is Barb after all. Hello? My wife? Barb? Y’know?


Wicker Man Studios News, November 19th, 2008

November 19th, 2008

New articles up in the writing section of this site…

Since my latest column (the 5th in a series) for Septagon Studios just went live at http://news.septagonstudios.com/?p=404 , I decided to add my 3rd installment of said column over here in honor of the occasion. Barb, on the other hand, has added a couple of new DVD reviews, namely the rock-snob delight GRACE OF MY HEART and the classic film ROBIN HOOD starring Errol Flynn.


We’re also kind of proud this week that a manga we adapt for VIZ, entitled NORA, sold in the top 10 graphic novel sales for the month of October. Sure, manga beat all American-type comics in this regard (except for WATCHMEN, at the top in expectation of the new movie), that’s not news, but it means Nora also beat everything put out by manga publishers too, except for eight other things (two of which were Naruto volumes, so you could count that as seven instead of eight if you wanted). And it (Nora) was only previewed for one little chapter in one issue of Shonen Jump! Just goes to show that if you show 216,000 readers some attractively-drawn boys, some supernatural hijinks, and some amusing dog jokes (Nora sort of turns into a giant scary dog when the chips are down), darned if manga-loving young people (and otherwise) might not pay to give the whole thing a try. And the reviews are just what we expected, too: if you average them all together you get “I thought this would be just a Naruto/Inu-Yasha rip-off, but I was pleasantly surprised to actually find that on top of having very nice art, it’s funny.” So yayz.


I turned out to be exactly right about how the announcement about the next GSG story and exactly how it will become available to your computing device would not be ready today. But I have strong hopes that it will be by this time next week… except that I will probably be away next Wednesday in preparation for American Thanskgiving. So either you’ll get lucky right before Thanksgiving, or after it’s over.

But it is coming… certain files were sent to someone mysterious earlier today…

(P.S.: It won’t involve Platinum.)


Okay, so anyway, finally, I will mention that the wife and I have decided to actually try to do this Twitter thing, so come on over if you want and follow along and observe the daily work of two manga adapters and editors and writers. http://twitter.com/parkcooper


Wicker Man Studios News, November 12th, 2008

November 12th, 2008

New articles up in the writing section of this site… This time I’ve chosen to go in a different direction with each one… for me, I decided it was time I put the second installment of my Septagon Column THE SEPTAGON BRIEFINGS, the one about comics conventions, up on this site… For Barb, it’s more DVD reviews. For the whole family! If your whole family has the GUTS…

In other news, Josh Wagner has broken his vow to stop blogging:


Steven Saunders is doing all kinds of geeky new things over at his blog:



But most importantly…

Not long ago Steven Saunders hyped GSG and one young woman said she wanted more GSG updates (like I didn’t just go write this: http://www.wickermanstudios.com/comics/short/tfb1.html –but I understand, that’s not GSG). I said… let me look this up and be specific… “There’s a new story all drawn (and lettered if I remember right) and just waiting its turn… but it involves a secret announcement, and there’s a tiny holdup on that announcement that’s depending on non-WMS people.”

Well the day when I can tell you precisely how it is that the next story will be available to your computing device is coming up fast. I hope I can do so by this time next week, but it’ll probably be 2 weeks.

But it’s coming…


Wicker Man Studios News, November 5th, 2008

November 5th, 2008

New articles up in the writing section of this site… Again, two very newish articles from Comics Bulletin, Barb’s a very useful list of 100 of her favorite movies (although it was written before she saw DORM), mine a nice interview with Age of Bronze creator Eric Shanower.

There is also new Salvus art– a pin-up by GUN STREET GIRL artist Ryan Howe:


And what appears to be preview art for a coming Salvus short story:



Wicker Man Studios News, November 3rd, 2008

November 3rd, 2008

I have written a new column which will probably be highly visible for the next 30-odd hours only:

Good-Bye, Condi Rice

Talk about time-dated.


Hey, who’s going to NYCC 2009?

October 30th, 2008

Let me know right away. Especially if you’re still working on your hotel plans. Or if you aren’t but you have room to share with one more. Because it’s not too early to plan…

But I also wanna know if you’re going to be there whether you want to discuss hotel plans or not. So let me know.

Email me, or else contact me via this site’s CONTACT US page.


Wicker Man Studios News, October 29th, 2008

October 29th, 2008

New articles up in the writing section of this site… Again, two very newish articles from Comics Bulletin, Barb’s an elegy for the passing of Howard the Duck creator Steve Gerber, mine an interview with Agents of Atlas creator Jeff Parker.


I also wrote a short little Halloween Gift Guide over at www.mangalife.com …

Oh, and Ryan added a link to The Hidden, the Tokyopop thing we wrote, to our links page… Please go read it for free! And please vote for it, too, even though doing that part means registering with Tokyopop’s site…

Finally, the first print collecion of The Girly Comic Book 1 is now also on sale… Chapter 1 of GSG is in it. Here is some more information:


The first collection of stories culled from the pages of The Girly Comic.

“An absolute gem of a publication” - Comic Creators Guild 

“Basically, you have to read this” - Regie Rigby, Fool Britannia 

The Girly Comic features self-contained comic strips across all genres with female protagonists.

Hardback – 280 B/W pages - £15 – Published October 2008 – Introduction by Mike Carey 



Factor Fiction is the publishing imprint of Jay Eales and Selina Lock. Formed in 2000 with the publication of Walking In Eternity, a highly acclaimed unofficial Doctor Who collection raising funds for the Foundation for the Study of Infant Death (FSID). In 2002, Factor Fiction launched the first issue of ongoing anthology The Girly Comic, followed in 2004 by the addition of Violent! to the Factor Fiction stable with it’s sixth issue. In 2008, Factor Fiction launched twin webcomic sites to showcase strips from the archives in order to increase the international readership of our titles. As of writing, The Girly Comic #18 and Violent! #14 have recently been published. For more information, visit our website: www.factorfictionpress.co.uk

The Girly Comic Book 1 will be launched officially at Thought Bubble in Leeds on November 15th, where several contributors will be in attendance. 

For further information: jay.eales@googlemail.com and selina.lock@googlemail.com




Wicker Man Studios News, October 23rd, 2008

October 23rd, 2008

New articles up in the writing section of this site… Two very newish articles from Comics Bulletin, mine amusing, Barb’s… crafty.

Steven Saunders wrote some new stuff: http://grognerd.blogspot.com/2008/10/grip-of-short-reviews-comics.html

I think I’ll just hit you with just some interesting stuff… let’s see what I’ve got…







Wicker Man Studios News, October 15th, 2008

October 15th, 2008

New articles up in the writing section of this site… An old article by Barb about the way people look at fans, and another amusing column from Comics Bulletin which we both worked on, about cliches… this one more of an equal effort from us both than previous ones that were almost all her.

Over at MangaLife, I wrote a new article about a manga from Viz which I’m fairly pleased with… Barb helped me with it a little here and there:


Steven Saunders wrote a new thing he’s doing, WHAT’S THE FUSS, this one an interview: http://www.comicswaitingroom.com/wtf1.html

Finally, I think you need a reminder about how it’s never too late for you to get this type of info RSS style, if that’s how you roll… click THIS THING: http://www.wickermanstudios.com/news/?feed=rss2

Also http://syndicated.livejournal.com/wickerman_rss/  will put the latest Wicker Man Studios news on your LJ whenever we update with news… like now…