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Wicker Man Studios News, February 17th, 2009

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Well, first of all, I started posting my con report… didn’t get very far, but this is like ordering a large appetizer before your meal:


Let’s see… over at MangaLife, Barb wrote a thing:


Also WMS member Steven Saunders has a new info page about himself:

I wanna see him fit all that onto a business card like I keep trying to do for myself…


Oh yeah, and FYI Nora volume three must be about to come out, because they sent us our comp copies for adapting it… so watch for it…


Okay that is all for now because I am so tired. Many many things to report soon like as in “as soon as Ryan Howe tells me it is time to report them.”


Wicker Man Studios News, February 8th, 2009

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Aiiieee. Or, in Japanese: Kyaaaa. So tired since I am only just this evening back from NYCC. And what a C it was. And yet, since all sorts of people are about to come see this site because I gave them my business cards, it’s time to make the donuts, by which I mean update the news.


So let’s see what’s up lately… Mangalife. I’ve finished interviewing Chynna Clugston, and Part Two, the conclusion is up at my column right now, as well as over at Mangalife, too.


Also, someone linked to the first part of the interview, and the discussion that broke out over the topic of sexism in comics was apparently so irritating that the discussion was removed and the thread locked. Yay!

I say “Yay!”, but I’m not being snide about “Yay locking threads!” I’m just Yay because the whole thing meant that some more people maybe went and read the interview. And, because it was mentioned in the comments, even more people became aware that there’s new Blue Monday out (maybe they became aware of it because they read the interview)… so yay Chynna!


Also, Stefan Blitz of Forces Of Geek pointed out that you can read some of Half Dead on our site! Also, you know, there’s like a couple of dozen Gun Street Girl Stories for free to read, too, I’m just saying.

But yay linkage! Also, I helped Stefan fix a Java thing. So, helpful, me! Yay!


In other news, WMS member Steven Saunders became the new PR Director for Chimaera Studios (, and one of two Marketing Coordinators with Studio 407 (

He also says this:

“Studio 407 is putting together a hardbound, prestige format anthology with the theme ‘Heroes and Superheroes.’ If you have a 5-25 page story you would like to submit, please contact Steve Saunders,, and let him know. Please note that stories are expected to be fully-written soon after pitching, with art soon following. The time the full story should be submitted is by late March of this year. If you have a cool story already written out and no artist, Steve can help you try to find one– but keep in mind that this would not be Studio 407 finding you an artist. For more details on the book, what’s planned and how everything will be handled, please drop Steve a line.”


That’s what the man said.


Okay that is all for now because I am so tired. Many many things to report soon.