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Wicker Man Studios News, December 17th, 2008

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

New articles up in the writing section of this site…

Two more Barb DVD reviews, namely THE HEIRESS and ARTHUR…

Meanwhile, I posted my Paul Dini interview. You may have seen him in the geek news lately as being a or the prime mover behind this new WONDER WOMAN cartoon I hear is coming…


Next up, another one of my SEPTAGON BRIEFING columns, which I write in my capacity as editor-in-chief of Septagon Studios, went up this week:


Also: WMS member Steven Saunders has a 5-page preview for that project of his, and Stephen Lindsay’s, and Dominic Vivona’s– THE SECRET CROSS. The 5 page short features guest artist Breno Tamura.

More about this here:

Also, like, the thing itself is there. Yeah.


So anyway: NewGSGStoryAndExactlyHowItWillBecomeAvailableToYourComputingDevice-Watch: I am negotiating with Orcus from Orcusville to hunt down Secret Facilitator Man and ascertain when exactly the new story will go live. More on this news as it develops. It should develop quickly– Orcus is currently having some cash flow problems.

And he knows that I know this. In fact, I KNOW that he knows that I know.

And he, in turn, is aware of that fact.

I will post all new information the second it becomes functional, so stay tuned for news of this next time, in the news posting we must call

Dork The Bounty Hunter


Bounty Hunter-Gatherers


Wicker Man Studios News, December 3rd, 2008

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

New articles up in the writing section of this site…

Since I didn’t update this area last week as such because of Thanksgiving, I have tried to give you a little extra this week. Barb has THREE new DVD reviews, namely the original ALFIE with Michael Caine, the tale of fame that is ALL ABOUT EVE, and the Barb-tastic ALL THAT JAZZ.  I, on the other hand, felt like it would be unwise to give you more than one article from me, but I tried to pick a particularly long one: my article about THE SCIENCE OF THE FLASH. You will believe a man can run really fast. Or maybe you won’t.


I also have done some stuff this week like interview writer and adapter Gerard Jones, which is at my usual column as well as at Mangalife. It’s the same interview, but the introductions are slightly different, and the titles are two different titles, leading to an End-of-a-Bullwinkle-episode-like effect. Over at MangaLife, I’ve also written some reviews: volume 20 of the soccer manga WHISTLE!, volume three of DORORO, and the movie based on said manga as well. Enjoy.

There you go. Scroll down just a tad for my MangaLife stuff.


Oh also Steven is back doing Orcusville, this time giving just a teensy bit of idea-man help to new writer Ryan Speck, and then Speck is also doing the visuals himself at this time too.

You know where to find it.

Oh god you’re lazy. Must I do everything for you?

There. I hope you’re happy now.


So anyway remember how there was gonna be an announcement about the next GSG story and exactly how it will become available to your computing device? Well, we got it all ready this week. But then Secret Facilitator Man said “But there’s a minimum fee that needs to be charged,” and so we had to have another meeting about how to give You, the reader, the most bang for your buck. But now we’ve worked that out and Ryan is surely even now preparing the new file, so stay tuned for news of this next time, in the news posting we must call