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Wicker Man Studios News, November 12th, 2008

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

New articles up in the writing section of this site… This time I’ve chosen to go in a different direction with each one… for me, I decided it was time I put the second installment of my Septagon Column THE SEPTAGON BRIEFINGS, the one about comics conventions, up on this site… For Barb, it’s more DVD reviews. For the whole family! If your whole family has the GUTS…

In other news, Josh Wagner has broken his vow to stop blogging:

Steven Saunders is doing all kinds of geeky new things over at his blog:


But most importantly…

Not long ago Steven Saunders hyped GSG and one young woman said she wanted more GSG updates (like I didn’t just go write this: –but I understand, that’s not GSG). I said… let me look this up and be specific… “There’s a new story all drawn (and lettered if I remember right) and just waiting its turn… but it involves a secret announcement, and there’s a tiny holdup on that announcement that’s depending on non-WMS people.”

Well the day when I can tell you precisely how it is that the next story will be available to your computing device is coming up fast. I hope I can do so by this time next week, but it’ll probably be 2 weeks.

But it’s coming…