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Wicker Man Studios News, April 4th, 2009

Saturday, April 4th, 2009


Okay, this is it… it’s really happening. Or, rather, it’s all set to happen. The obstacle to what I have been waiting on just cleared, and now it’s time to get press releases, ads, interviews, and other stuff ready… and Ryan says he just finished the new ads yesterday…

Much as I’ve been putting off updating news here because of getting ready for Big New Thing, we’ve also been working on various stuff, clearing the decks to work on Life After The Big New Thing. So…


GSG artist Ryan Howe posted this nifty thing he drew of himself being interviewed by a local Canadian newspaper about the Female Force comics he’s drawn and is drawing:



Let’s see… over at MangaLife, Barb and I wrote a lot of stuff:

Here, I talk about Hunter x Hunter the anime:

Here, Barb talks about the MangaBible:

I have fun talking about dingoes in my review of Vertical’s Black Jack v3 and 4:

Barb is deeply moved by Viz’s Real v3 and 4:

Barb uses an excellent metaphor during her discussion of Slam Dunk v3:

Barb worked hard on this review of Gantz v2:

I get to talk even more about the intersection of manga and the spirit of the samurai warrior while discussing Hunter x Hunter v25:

I got a little punchy here:

Barb got inspired talkin’ about that there Death Note:

Oh yeah, and people just can’t stop being inspired by Naruto in my spotlight on volumes 34 through 40.


See what I mean? We’ve been clearing the decks, catching up on stuff, getting ready, battening down the hatches, battening them down again… That’s not even every single thing we’ve written for ML lately– it’s just the most entertaining stuff. Okay wait it might be every single thing Barb’s written lately, but same thing.


Now, other important news is that Wicker Man Studios members Steven G. Saunders and Fictio– I mean Josh Wagner are at the Emerald City con RIGHT NOW AS I WRITE THIS. I command you to HUNT THEM DOWN and BUY THEM AN APPROPRIATE AMOUNT OF DRINKS.

Wicker Man Studios (and Septagon Studios for that matter) ally Dave Baxter is also there. He doesn’t drink as much as the other two– he runs on solar. Or he’s some kind of hybrid or something, at least. Anyway, instead of buying him drinks (he helps keep an eye on Josh too, after all), ask him how to kill a grizzly.


Let’s see what else… here, look at this:

Look down there at number 216! Right above Civil War! It’s Nora, the Viz manga that Barb and I adapt! But consider that this is not a list of things ordered by BOOKSTORES– it’s a list of things ordered by COMIC BOOK STORES. Dude.

Oh, and look! There’s Kamichama Karin Chu, one of the Del Rey mangas I edit! #172, two slots above Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8.

And, again, this is NOT a bookstores list. This is a COMIC BOOK SHOPS list.  Golly.


Okay that is all for now… off I go to prepare letters announcing Big New Thing… check back here in about… 12 days or so.



Wicker Man Studios News, January 1st, 200freakin9

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

New articles up in the writing section of this site…

First, in honor of my new bud Dave Baxter, I decided to run my San Diego Con report from 2006, it was a really good report, one of my personal favorites, plus it talks all about the long tail-ness that Dave talks a lot about these days…

Meanwhile, I posted barb’s “Manly Manga” article from over at MangaLife… she wrote it back in April, I think that ML’s had that baby as an exclusive for long enough now…

Still, I am starting to run out of Barb-only written things… that… won’t… get us in trouble for bringing back up again… but I have a solution… and you’ll be amazed by what it is… more on that later this month, I hope.


Hmm, let’s see… since I last posted here, WMS member Josh Wagner posted a blogthing that I thought was kinda interesting…


Oh yeah, and the new MangaLife is up… I wouldn’t bring this up, but this week it features some stuff from Barb and me, like my spotlight on Vertical, Inc’s BLACK JACK volumes 1 and 2, or the MangaLife RoundTable End-of-Year Wrap-Up, or Barb’s review of volume 2 of Dark Horse’s Ghost Talker’s Daydream…

Aw, just go there. If I may make a suggestion, try going there in Chrome, that seems to work super extra faster than the usual ways. If you take my meaning.


Oh, wait, it occurs to me also that since I was here last I also updated The Park and Barb Show:

It’s Christmas Newsletter time all over again, it’s Christmas in January whee.


So anyway: NewGSGStoryAndExactlyHowItWillBecomeAvailableToYourComputingDevice-Watch: As you know, I have been negotiating with Orcus from Orcusville to hunt down Secret Facilitator Man and ascertain when exactly the new story will go live. Orcus told me that he didn’t have time to find him, much as he’d like the finder’s fee, because he’s on the run from an insane lemur.

However, little did he know, that he did PASS Secret Facilitator Man on the street and didn’t recognize him, which spooked Secret Facilitator Man into getting in touch with me. Secret Facilitator Man said that The Plan will once again start being Facilitated again Secretly as soon as he gets back into the office on Monday.

Okay, fine. So we should have more news on this story by the next time I post here.

I’m just glad I didn’t have to pay Orcus.

More on this news as it develops. I will post all new information the second it becomes functional, so stay tuned for news of this next time, in the news posting we must surely call:

Beautiful Lemur, Wake Unto Me